RC Thundrebird

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On October 19, Dot had let us know about the radio controlled 2002 thunderbird. If anyone is interested in getting one in blue, see the following address.

1-800-348-9159 www.exoticar.com

The number is 81651 and the cost is $39.95

They also have 1/18 and 1/24 scale models in black, blue, red, and yellow.

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My wife's gonna kill you! LOL She said that's all I need, another source of toys!!

Thanks for the info on Exoticar-great place to shop!

If any of you have a Foley's department store nearby, they have them in all 4 colors (red, black, blue and yellow) and on sale this week - at least in Texas, they are on sale. Really good price - like $30.00. I'm picking up some more tomorrow.
Oh, and they're displayed in the men's department.
The colors are nice. The "blue" and the yellow are not the same as the 2002 Maisto models but close enough.
The one on Exotic Car is different!!!!
It's 1/12 scale and 15" long and comes with a 9.5V battery.

The ones at Foley's are like the red one in Heartland's catalog - 1/16 scale or about 11" long and don't come with a battery.

I hate you guys! I couldn't resist the new models. You guys are making me spend MORE money! Thanks a lot! And of course it has to be shipped express.
Darn, wish I had known about the blue one earlier! I had been looking for the red RC from Tyco and finally found one in Target 3 months ago. I spotted on the wall at the end of one of the toy aisles, and "ran" down to grab the last one! Held it like a baby until we checked out - my wife thought it was a bit erratic behavior for a grown man, but I got one! I prefer blue, however, and would much rather have this new one - roadster even; guess I'll have to write my own letter to Santa.

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Did anybody else order this RC car from Exotic Car?
I just received mine but it's not the car advertised on their site. no batteries, no charger, and smaller size - in fact it's the same car that Foley's is carrying and also was on the Heartland site - made by Nkok
Thanks for the info, TJ---just ordered mine!!! I might wrap it and put it under the tree to myself in case Santa doesn't bring me anything really "fun".

Unless, of course, it is recalled prior to shipping......
Racerroger & Birdman93,
I guess I'm lucky in a way. Dot buys all these toys, so I get to see them all the time. The only problem is that she won't let me play with them!!!!!!! I've been pestering her for 2 weeks to let me have one of the RC cars to play with, but no luck yet. I did get to play with the first Red one she got but it was outside just one time and she took it away. Seems it got dumped on its side during a fast corner. I guess it couldn't handle running over an acorn at high speed. I hope the real car is better with acorns. What I really need is a 10,000 sq ft warehouse to put all the toys in, plus a couple of full size cars.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.
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