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Can you imagine if you waited a year for your car and it was on this railtrack?

Excerpt from today's news:

"The twister blew 46 full freight cars off the railroad tracks in Providence before hitting Caldwell County, around Princeton, where 29 people were taken to the hospital and a number of homes and mobile homes were destroyed, according to Packett."

On Easter Sunday, we saw a car trailer that went off the interstate and cars were everywhere. It took them all day to get the mess cleaned up.

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tbird - we need to get you some counseling. that mean streak must get corrected.

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I'm trained in CPR. Can this be done over the net?

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We have already had that thought. Or as
backing off the transport, just a little too
far over -- crash.

It can happen, did to a Cadillac my folks
ordered once.
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