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Dec 6, 2001
I've had my bird since August. I got my first speeding ticket in years -- 88mph. I now have a Cobra Model ESD-9220WX, $119 at Costco with a $50 rebate.

It's pretty cool. I'm testing it out on my trip to Santa Barbara on Wednesday. I strongly suggest you all get some form of radar detection.

The simple fact is the bird is very hard to keep under the speed limit. It is simply too much fun between 80 and 100 mph.

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Based on your user name, I'm sure that you will fight the ticket. That's what Law School is for,right? I know we all are bit sensitive on this board but, it is meant as humor. I use to have a stealth unit on my Mustang that saved me a number of times. I had to sell the Mustang today as we are moving to Explorer country. My Bird is of course staying in the garage until Spring.
I am not a scofflaw but I have had Escorts in all of my cars for the last 20 years. Saved me many tickets. Mounted them to the upper window frame on Corvettes and made a bracket to slip into the air vent on the dash on other cars. Always wired into the harness so they come on with the ignition. I would not be without one.

Traffic school baby...considered fighting it but it would cost me more to deal with it. Got bigger fights...

I drove to Santa Barbara yesterday. Radar lit up a couple time and I slowed immediately. Not sure if I was being targeted except one time when the full bars lit.

I know I didn't get a ticket and that's the ticket baby!

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