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May 21, 2002
Local Ford salesman told me '03 production will be half that of '02, true? or "salesmanship"(they have 3 '02s in stock @ +5k "market adjustment")
Also, I can't quite figure out something on the options and equip. list for '03.I am thinking about buying a Desert Sky Blue '03 There appears to be a "Whisper White" interior available. Does anyone know if it is available in full interior accent? If so what would the accent color be in a blue car? I didn't see any blue interior colors.
The sales people seem to know very little.
Thanks to all!


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Ford has updated their website now and you
can build your 03 Bird on line. Just to
satisfy my curiosity I built a Desert Sky Blue, but the interior is ONLY available
in the partial accent, not the full. I wonder why??

The interior will be charcoal (i.e black) with the whisper white partial accent.

Whate your salesman said was crap. I have been to the factory. There is absolutely no truth to Ford building less cars this year than last. Ask your salesman where he worked last year and where he plans to work next year?
Look around, 2002 are selling for list or less, do not pay any market adjusment(customer ripoff).

There is a long post on this board about the fact that the build period for 03's has been significantly lessend, in addition, the dealears allotments have been cut in half, therefore, it can be assoumed less than 25,000 will be built, it may not be half as many as last year: however, if the dealers are getting half their last year allotment, them one might assume that there will be half as many as their original allotment built.

It sounds like tleslie has some inside info, maybe tleslie will share it with us???


Originally posted by tleslie:
Whate your salesman said was crap.

Are you sure? My friend that is the GM @ the local dealer was allocated less than 1/2 of last year, and we all know 2002 production was carried over and 31121 were made.

50,000 2002+2003
- 31,121 2002 already built
18,879 2003's needed to reach 50,000


Ford builds 25000 T-birds per calendar year. The model year switch to '03s was delayed from July to November due to a late design change. The switch to '04s will happen on schedule in July so the '03s will only be built for 7 months. Dealers are still receiving the '02s and should get the 03's in by Christmas.


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My dealer is receiving less than he got last year too. He sold all of the 2002 for $1,000.00 over MSRP. Dealers around him were trying to get $5,000.00 to $20,000.00 over MSRP. He told me because the other dealers did not sell their 2002, that Ford cut all the dealerships to half of what they received last year. 2003 production will still be 25,000
Originally posted by jt2233:
2003 production will still be 25,000

VERY unlikely, especially if the economy does not take a swift upturn, and the year end sales of the Tbird appear to be poor and with Winter upon us, it will only worsen the situation with 2002-03 birds on lots everywhere.

There are too many unknown variables at this point. Time will tell the rest of the story, as we can see, the 25k prediction this year meant nothing.
To answer your original question, this year the only full accented interior color available is red. All other accents are offered in partial only. Why? I haven't the foggiest idea.

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Thanks for the responses everyone. dac_beth-I agree, I would never pay over sticker!I don't even like paying MSRP. The way it sounds from the responses the dealers might be more realistic from here on since so many new Birds seem to be unsold. Maybe I could even get a "007" Coral car(my preference) at a decent price!
;)(Whaddaya think??)

P.S. Is the Desert Sky Blue a metallic paint or "straight" color? Thanks again!

Originally posted by cool57:
Maybe I could even get a "007" Coral car(my preference) at a decent price!
;)(Whaddaya think??)

I'll have what he's having! ;-)

I think the supply/demand curve will speak for itself. There are 2002 Tbirds sitting all over dealer showrooms here in Houston. They will easily go $2K under MSRP and they have a nice selection. Inventory availability can be checked online by using a Houston zip code. The point is, if the 2002 Tbirds are still sitting here, they will have to get rid of them to even start to think about selling the '03s. By the way, I ordered my '03 September 19th at $1800 under MSRP and will take delivery the week after next.

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By the way, I ordered my '03 September 19th at $1800 under MSRP and will take delivery the week after next.

'03 VIN 00192
Mountain Shadow grey/Saddle[/B]

What level/equipment?
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