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Questions about interior restoration on a 1969 thunderbird

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by OneAmongOthers, May 27, 2019.

  1. It would require more than just cutting out a piece of steel. It's right by the wheelhouse on the bottom adjacent to where the body mount is. Also I don't have time to cut out all that steel and replace it right now. I just patched it up for now. When the car goes out for body work I am going to show it to the body shop. The should be able to fix it up right quick. For now I just want to seal it up so no water gets into the passenger compartment. Also no... no I don't got someone that can weld for me. It's either myself or a shop.
  2. Do it the old fashioned way. Mix up some bondo and resin and fill it in
  3. If thats okay for you, its good for me. I am German and need everything perfect as original....if not, I want fall to sleep.
    Its an illness they do not have pills for.
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  4. Heh I get you. Though right now I want the car drivable. Also... pictures!
    F649DBE8-C421-4CC8-BFDF-E7CCD3CFAB03.jpeg C2975A9D-5B9B-4150-B9F7-E27392773206.jpeg
    All back together and ready to take her out for a spin! Just waiting on the air cleaner to get back from the painters.
  5. Wow ! That was fast done and looks great. Hope you have fun riding around a bit. What fuel u use and additive for led ?
  6. No led additive. I run high test. Usually 93 grade and above. The engine also is not original. It's a 460 that came from a later model truck most likely. I think in the later 70's they had hardened valve seats by then. I also can still get fuel without ethanol in it as well. However at every fill up I put Marvel Mystery Oil in the tank when filling up. I just had the car out today for a drive. Runs great! Starts right up and runs smoothly. Though as per its a later model 70's 460 it is a bit of a slouch due to the heads being rather restrictive. But soon I am going to remedy that! She will be smokin rubber soon enough!

    Lol I seen a company online that still reproduces Boss 9 heads for the Ford 429/460 engine. Perhaps maybe one day eh?
  7. Thanks ! My 429 is the original one from 68. The car, as you may know from before, has only 14k miles on it. 11:1 in compression. I use led addition every time I refill (95 grade). Anyway -not always- I hear my valves "pingeligeling" when I hit my gas pedal. Worries me......
  8. Why not just pull the heads and have hardened valve seats put in? Oh and I didn't have much choice for my engine. It was what it was. Still 429/460 are pretty much the same engine. 460 just has a longer stroke. Also its kinda better she has a truck engine since truck engines are made tougher and stronger since they usually expect them to work harder. A little head work, a better cam and I really can wake up this engine and make her more lively. I mean might as well right? The C6 transmission can handle up to at least 500hp so might as utilize that big beefy tranny for something.

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