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Hi All!

Just a question...

I know on several other boards that I regularly visit, I can tell by looking at the list of topics which topics have posts that I haven't read yet (a different color header, a flag, or a listing of "new" posts). Also, when I click into a topic, I am taken to the posts that I haven't read yet, not to the very first message in that topic.

Perhaps I haven't set something up right, but I don't seem to have this ability on this forum. Have I neglected to do something or do I have it set up wrong?? Or is this just the way the board works?



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At the left side of the topic heading there is a 'folder'. If it is RED, you haven't read it yet, if it's yellow, you have. That is the best indicator I've seen.
in the topic titled "board question" it was stated that read and unread topic titles are different colors. I am color blind and can't tell the difference, so I can't confirm.

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You know, neither my Netscape nor my Explorer browser shows the folders as anything but yellow.

I have the latest versions of each browser.

I realize that some people's folders turn red when they have been read, so I am entirely flummoxed as to why mine (and, obviously, others') stay yellow.

If anyone could shed any light on this terribly important issue, please let us know!

pbocciardi, Don't use such BIG words, I had to look that one up to see just what it ment.Flummoxed that is. Now I know and also could you come up with an easier handle. Maybe just Paula or whatever.

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David, thank you for the suggestion. I tried changing my IE preferences as you recommended, but the folder colors still are all yellow -- even those I haven't read. The TOPIC names do change now, however, as I hover over them. But that doesn't solve the read/unread problem.

Check the settings for history and storing the temporary files. I have noticed that any time I clear my history and delete temp files, the next time I come to this board, everything appears as unread.
Okay...I see the folders changing to red, but I ask there any way to just go to posts I haven't seen yet???

Is there a way when I go to a topic with 50 posts to only see the 4 that I haven't seen, or do I need to start at #1 and just keep scrolling till I find new posts???


If you click the user name to the right under "Last Reply By" it will take you to that last post. Then you can scroll up to any other new ones you haven't read as opposed to scrolling all the way down from the top.
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