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I wonder if it would be more cost effective to buy the wheels for the deluxe car from Ford and them have them chromed aftermarket? Has anyone either done this or done any research into doing this? Let me know.

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When I was looking for aftermarket wheels, I was having a hard time finding chrome wheels that I liked but found several silver powder coated styles that I liked. Did some searching on have the painted ones chromed and found that it would cost around $125/wheel.

I used the Google to search the internet on chrome plating and had quite a few hits, the platers were located all across the country. You should be able to find one close to you.

However, I would definately check to see what type of work they do, it is imperrative that they do a high quality job elsewise you will have problems with the chrome peeling at a later date.
Jodrod, I had my motorcycle wheels chromed for $750 (2) . I picked up the one chromed wheel in NC and Waited til a place in TN Chromed another one.
I think they were both chromed in the same place in TN and are the original wheels. BTW they are beautiful, but very expensive. I also heard they can be polished!(the originals)
Just my experience, no real familiar with the process.
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