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Today I had the left front wheel off the New Bird. The strut and wheel frame components are of superior quality cast aluminum.
They got a very nice compliment from the Discount Tire store manager and another car guy customer.
Not only does this car have the greatest looks in decades, it is well built.
Got thumbs up from Moms, kids, and Gramps during my ride. Those thumbs from the kids are one of Motor Trends reasons they loved out Bird above the other 26 contenders for the COTY.

BTW the brake calipers are awesome too!

'56 + '02 Birds

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I saw them mounting that at Wixom, and was impressed by its quality. I thought it was interesting that it is bolted to the body in such a way that a computer measures the torque put on the mounting bolt. The car cannot leave that station until the proper torque is applied to that bolt.
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