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At this time do we have the fianl production statistics for the 2002 Bird? - Number of each color and the breakdon of interior by color, total produced, destroued, tested, given away, etc.?????

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During the tour of the Wixom plant, we asked the guide what color was the most popular. He said that Ford really didn't keep tracking numbers by color but his guess, just from observations, was that blue was the most popular color. He estimated that the final quantity of 2002s will be 31000+. He arrived at this number by calculating the line speed of 12.4 cars completed per hour, (100/day, single shift), times the number of work days until the scheduled end of production date (11/14).

yellow/yellow top/bumble bee interior
Last April someone posted these statistics:

Black 30.9%
Red 20.9%
Blue 20.8%
Yellow 15.5%
White 11.8%

Accent 28.1%
Full Red 22.0%
Standard 14.0%
Full Blue 13.5%
Full Yellow 10.3%
Part. Blue 5.3%
Part. Red 4.4%
Part. Yellow 2.3%

Premium 94.8%
Deluxe 5.2%

Hardtop 88.0%
Softtop 12.0%

I believe the blue and red have switched places in popularity since then. Here's an updated chart, if I'm allowed to show the link.
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