Problem With My Top

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I had my bird's top off for the first time today and found an interesting issue.

One of the posts on the top was extremely loose. I tightened it up and took a drive after I put the top back on. This fixed the little bit of wind noise I had and also stopped the rattling that I was experiencing with the top.

Not sure if anyone else is/was having these problems but this definitely made a difference for me.

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I have about 5300 miles on my Bird and have started to get a rattle in hardtop at low speed. Don't hear it at highway speeds. Sounded to me like dry rubber molding or some such thing. What post are you referring to and what is the process to tighten? Figured I may as well check this, as it may be my problem.
It's the pin bolted to the top that is inserted into the body and then locked into place. That nut holding it in place is spot welded but the weld was broken on my top.
Freebird; I have only had my top off once, and after re-installing I developed a rattle that seems like it is coming from the porthole window area. I may have the same problem you have had. As soon as I take the top off again I'll check it out...probably won't be for a couple months as it's still cold here in Ohio. Thanks for the info.
My hardtop does not fit exactly flush with the windshield header in the center portion. I know that was a problem with some of the earlier tops, but what about the later ones. How is the fit on the latest deliveries?
I have the same issue with my NM hardtop. Center is not flush. I asked the dealer and they said that it was supposed to be like that. I don't think they really knew. Anyone have luck getting this fixed/exchanged.

dand27 - Mine is like that (built 9/10/01), and I checked out Tip's fresh delivery on Saturday and his is like that too. His was just made about two weeks ago. Every one I have seen so far looks the same, some a little worse than others. I doubt there will be any relief from Ford on this one. Seems to be too widespread.

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