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Wow!! That's quite an article. Too bad Ford has to punish future U.S. Buyers and NOT control their Canadian dealers
Seen like Ford and GM could make the US
and canadian models equal. Have a US
MSRP and time of canadian sale it could
be adjusted for the current exchange rate
to reflect the US MSRP.

??? Why would they sell the exact model
for less. They know the problem (grey market
is going to surface and why would they give
the canadian such a big price break.
whvt01, my guess is the price difference is for non-economic reasons. Ford wants the T-bird to be seen in Canada for the same reasons as in the US. It's a halo car intended to boost the company's image. The Canadian market has traditionally supported lower pricing because wage scale/tax differences dictate it. Ford of Canada doesn't want to have a two-tiered pricing structure for vehicles sold in that country, so no Canadian premium is being added for the T-bird. The only way they can control this is by creating disincentives to export practices, e.g., no factory warranty on grey market cars.
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