Pricing for 03 Bird

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I was just at my dealer tonight to have a bad wheel replaced and he showed me the pricing book for the 03 Birds. As of now they are holding the price at $39,995 for the 03's. I know that this can change anytime. He said he didn't know about the colors offered, but if they have a book for the 03's now then they should know the colors. Didn't know if he really didn't know or couldn't tell me yet.

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The pricing books for the dealers are different than the order books-they do not show options or colors. I've seen the pricing book for the 03 model year. They just list the models offered, and the MSRP pricing for each, based upon the model ordered. The Dealers should be receiving their ordering guides for the 03 model year in mid-May.

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I have been told the new colors for '03 are Silver and Dark Grey. I'm sure these aren't the names of the colors, but the description. They are also offering white seat inserts for the upcoming model year, which was not availible for those who purchased a white or black '02.
White, Black, Red, Silver and Dark Grey? I hate to say it, but it sounds kind of monochromatic [except for red]. I hope they bring back at least one early Bird pastel or bright color for the 2003-only hues.
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