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For active users, the newest to oldest might make more sense - I usually jump to the END on topics I have already visited and then scroll up. However, for newer or infrequent members, having the oldest replies or messages at the top gives the background needed to understand the thread without scrolling all the way down to the end. Without a user choice, this is going to be a real dilemma!

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Looks like I might be in the minority but I vote not to change.
I'd rather the new people know what's going on as much as possible before they reply and I know it's easier to read by scrolling going down than up - your eyes don't have to jerk about the page as much, especially if someone has made a long reply and you haven't visited that active thread in a couple of days.
Also it's been a learned habit over many years for people to read down a page.
I like it the way it is, I just go down to the last date that I looked at the board and then start reading.

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I only read the board at work and sometimes cannot read it for a couple of days. If it is in order from top to bottom, I can catch up on what has been sent since the last time I was logged in. I would rather scroll down to the last date I read the board and continue from there.
Keep it as it is. We were all newbies once and figured it out. The others will too.

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Yes , keep things the way they are. I have NO problem with this.

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Gobird I'll ditto that.

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