Possibly the most ignorant question on earth

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OK, I admit, I have never owned a convertible before, so I have a potentially idiotic question: how do I wash it?

In other words, is it all right to use a hose on the soft top? Will the soft top leak under the hose pressure? Or should I lovingly and carefully just use a bucket to rinse the entire car and forget about a hose?

The first time I bathed my car this spring, I actually put the hard top back on! But I don't want to do that every time I wash the darned thing....
Paula, I'd recommend washing it with the top up [keeps the seats drier:]. Hose it down if it's really dirty, otherwise a lint brush is probably more effective. Do hose down the rest of the car before and after you shampoo. The first rinse removes loose dirt and the second removes soap that you don't want to get on your chamois. You do use a chamois, don't you?
I use a K-mart carwashing brush dipped in the soapy water and then hose it off real good and then remove the excess water with the Cal Water Blade. What ever you do, do not use a cotton towel or wash mitt on the fabric, it will turn white from all the lint. I used up an entire lint roller and still did not get all the lint off.


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