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For all the members that have no email selected in their preferences, I have set up a poll which can be accessed at:


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Well preliminary indications are that the poll is a good idea, 10 Yeah, 0 Nay, 4 Don't care.

If something comes up on the board that looks like a good subject for a poll, I will start one or if anyone has an idea let me know and I will start it.
I know I should figure this out -- but why can't I get into the polls. It says: "Sorry, your registration with Yahoo! Groups has not been confirmed yet".
If anyone's interested, I started a poll in the 02tbird group in May. Question was Dealer allocation for the Thunderbird is based on a dealer's volume sales for previous years. Are you satisified with the way the system works? The results to date are

Yes, I got the car I wanted at the price I was willing to pay. 6 46.15%
Yes, but I had to pay a premium over MSRP. 5 38.46%
No, I don't like the fact that some dealers charge a premium while others sell at MSRP. 2 15.38%
No, I haven't been able to locate a vehicle because of the allocation scheme. 0 0.00%
No, but I think it's better than the Neimann Marcus 'lucky caller' method. 0 0.00%
Have polls on the Corvette Forum,
interesting to see the topics people come
up with to vote on. They don't show a
particular member voted just tallies.
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