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Jan 15, 2002
As I posted on another site after picking up our new 'Bird last Friday:

Looked for the 'creaks and groans' on the top, but after taking her off on Sunday and replacing her on Monday, we only found the following "glitch."

We found that at somepoint when she was still at the dealer, someone (perhaps the window tinter) took off the top and replaced it, breaking the plastic cap or bushing that fits on top of the female fitting for the back portion of the roof, driver's side (this is where the pin on the roof fits into in the body).

When they replaced the top, they didn't get the plastic cap in right and the roof's back driver's side was a little off, making some noise (chatter, creaking, whatever).

When we pulled off the roof for the first time, I found the plastic bushing 'askew' so I pulled it off, refashioned it to its original shape, and then I snapped it back in place. The 'noise' that was originally there on that portion of the roof was not there when we replaced it yesterday.

Those of us having noise might first want to check as see that both plastic bushings for these fittings are 1) in place, and 2) not broken.

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Not open for further replies.