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Does anyone know if it is possible to take a plant tour at the Tbird plant? Obviously I would like to see my car being built. If there are tours, do I need an appointment, or can I just show up? Also, if there are tours, how many a day are there? Lastly, if there are no tours, is there someone on the list that could arrange a tour for those of us that are interested? Thanks in advance.

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Don't know if it is still in effect, but I found this in a Chicago Tribune Q&A column from a couple years ago:

Q. Can a person tour a Ford Motor Co. plant in Michigan? I'll be going there soon and thought it would be neat to see. Reservation necessary? Cost? - N.L., Morris, Ill.

A. Good news and bad news, N.L., Ford does have plant tours and they are free, but the only Ford plant in the United States that you can tour is the Wixom assembly plant that builds the Lincoln Continental, Lincoln Town Car and Mark VIII luxury cars. The tours are held on Fridays and are booked through December.
Well.... I guess that last post was good news... because the TBird is built at the Wixom Assembly Plant..... we no longer build the Mark...

I am not sure who you would contact, but I will check into it...

Oh, by the way, I am an hourly worker in the paint department.
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