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Just got back from the Wixom plant tour and of course Dave Davis was out guide. As everyone else has said, the tour is awesome and Dave is fantastic. I couldn't get over how friendly the people working there are and how many different quality checks go into the manufacture of this great car. If you have the opportunity do it!
I also shared this tour with another couple who should be getting their Blackbird in a week or two. I'm sending them this web site address and also invited them on the Great Lakes cruise on April 27th.
Thanks once again for this great site.-Slyfoxxmi

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Please tell us if it is possible to get on the tour and where in Michigan is the plant. Would it be possible to tour the day a certain car is scheduled for build, or do they only have tours on certain days?
Leisha, Dave explained to me when I took my second tour that he retired from the Wixom plant and they asked him back just to do the tours. He has an office but generally only goes to the plant when he has a tour scheduled.

Call him and let him know your situation. When I got my build date I called and asked for a second tour with my wife and kids. He met us at the plant at 3:00pm as soon as I picked up the boys from school and walked us out to my car on the final assembly line. we watched them put the wheels on, install the seats and fill it up with gas. Then they decided to go home. My boys asked if they could come back in the morning and Dave was agreeable. Unfortunately they both had school.

Dave will do anything he can to accomodate you.

The plant is on Wixom road and I-96, about 37 miles from the Ambassador bridge. When you cross get on I-96 at the bridge and just stay on it until you see Wixom road and turn right.

Best of luck, I got mine Monday, it's worth the wait.


Novi, Michigan
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