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I am suspecting that our place in line is being affected by the requirement that dealers order 15% without hardtops. Those orders are being pulled forward by the scheduling system. I was # 7 of 15 but one without a hardtop has already been delivered and another may be coming. That has the effect of making our order #9 of 15.

Oh well, waited 1 year and two weeks, what's another two months? (AGONY!)

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I understand your pain. I was 7 0f 52 with a vin of 109891. I was seeing other's on this board with much higher vin's getting their cars two or three weeks sooner than I. I finally got it last week. The dealer said that there were two people who had a higher priority than I did and they are still waiting. Some orders just seems to find a way to fall into the cracks.
I don't think there is any requirement that any percentage of a dealer's stock is with or without a hard top. They set up recommendations based upon anticipated demands, and those demands vary from state to state.

In most cases the dealer is not ordering any inventory, so the factory is obligated to ship whatever the customer orders... so there couldn't be a 15% soft top requirement.

If they are moving another car ahead of yours, it would likely be because a car without a hard top is faster to build. But that's a guess. The tops are built outside of Wixom, and perhaps they were just low on tops that week.

In any case, it's worth the wait! Hang in there!

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I understand that the top is a limited commodity with 10% to 15% of the cars as softtop only.

Our local dealership is getting 28 cars, 14 are customer cars and the other 14 are for fleet sales (which by the way has a waiting list of about 100 people last time I checked).

JMHO, but I think people are relating to the original dealer info sheet that got out on the Net where Ford had it's estimates of the breakdown on the orders. (Which had 15%)

My guess is very few were ordered without hardtops, and that is why they are moving cars without ahead so that the supplier of the top has more time to complete additional quantities.
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