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Dec 11, 2001
We have a yellow T-Bird. Something I always liked on my regular cars was a thin double pin stripe running the length of the car sides near the beltline. I was thinking of a thin double black pin stripe from the center of the front fender vent to about 3" from the taillight about 1/4" above the accent line in the body. To me this kind of thing adds something to the appearance without really being noticed. If I put on a vinyl tape stripe, it can be removed later using a hair dryer. Any opinions or thoughts?

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It has been my experiance that once you put it on, it is very difficult to remove. Even a hair dryer might not be hot enough.

Good Luck

Tbnil, The bottom line is, It's your car decorate it anyway you like. A few people on here, in my book, have pretty questional taste, but then maybe I do too. If you intend to keep the car for a long time, do to it what makes you happy. If you are looking to make it a collector keep it plain. In reality, it can always be brought back to stock, just look at some of the originals that were restored and now look better then new. By the way the stripes might look nice.

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Hi tbinil, yellowbird stopped by here the other day with her full yellow car and had done just what you are talking about. I thought it looked really neat. As far as the vinyl pinstriping goes, I have used it a lot and have had more trouble keeping it on than taking it off. She may be able to send you a picture of hers.
I did the CR-V we had with professional grade pin stripe tape and in the 2 1/2 years we had it it never gave us any problem with peeling. However, I would be concerned with paint fading if removed.

In the past when I have removed tape I have peeled it back very slowly keeping a very steep angle (almost 180 degrees) and then removed any remaining adhesive with mineral spirits. The mineral spirits will not harm the paint.

Afterthought, the mineral spirits will remove wax.

this is just my opinion, but i personally am no longer a big fan of pin-striping- except maybe on a custom hot rod.

to me (and this is just me) pin-striping looks a little dated. i feel that the car already has beautiful lines and that different lighting conditions highlight these lines.

i think in this pin-stripe that you have referenced, that that line is already fairly evident (and it IS a beautiful line) as it is the main profile line of the car. (i also like how the designers put the "crease" 1/3 of the way from the bottom of the car which goes around the entire car.)

having said that, i agree with previous posters who say that it's your car, enjoy it the way you want to enjoy it!!! if you wish to further highlight some of the lines on the car, go to it!!!

to give a small degree of context, i think that my personal taste tends to be more minimalist - usually not liking companies logos all over the car, for example. i like more simple and clean lines without too much other "stuff" getting in the way.

(that was an awfully long-winded and self-indulgent post to your question, wasn't it?!?! sorry.)
Pin-stripes have been in and out of style since the '20's, some times with questionable results...remember the 70's???
. My "tide me over 'til my Tbird comes in" car is a silver 2000 Sebring conv. with blrack top and a black pin stripe. I didn't like it at first..I mean the car has no character line down the side to accent! The more I tried to hate the thing the more I liked it and now when I see a silver sebring without it, it seems very plain. As others have said's your what YOU like and don't worry about what others might think. Enjoy the ride!

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You will also find vinyl pinstripes do one thing over time that is REALLY annoying.....they move.Over the period of your ownership..each time you wax the car,they will very subtely change position.This will not be noticeable all at once and USUALLY not directly from the side.But looking either down the length of the car from the front or rear you will begin to see a definent up and down waviness that will begin to bug you.This is from experience with professionally applied too.So personally if you are gonna do it...have a tasteful painted line put on.

The down side to a painted stripe is also waxing. I have seen numerous painted stripes that over time have been waxed off in areas where the paint was not quite as thick.

Is the moral to this story don't wax your car if pinstriped?

I have not yet applied my Zaino but from reading the application instructions, I don't believe there is any rubbing involved, this may solve the problem for both types of striping.
I have a yellow with full interior. Like Hobobob says in his post, I have two very very narrow pinstripes at the beltline. I was against it from the start, but my husband had it done anyway (its vinyl, so could remove it if I didn't like it.) Every one who sees it, likes it. It breaks up the solid yellow. I'll try to attach a picture next week.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I'll probably chicken out for fear of not getting them on straight. I might wait a while to decide. I'm anxious to see the pictures though.

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my 94 Continental came with a pinstipe, white car / white leather / grey painted pinstripe.
One door was repainted when the car came in and the pin stripe color did not match exactly. Since then the pin stripes faded and the door one changed color even more.

I think if you get one of the hot rod pinstriper to do it it will look great. Just beware that if a fender or door ever needs painting the match for the pin stripe may be difficult.
Probably the hot rod pin striper can advise what paint he usually uses and he would be able to redo it 'down the road'. Be optimistic your car will always be perfect.
If you can shell out 40 grand why not finish it to perfection. Flames would be real nice!
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