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Mar 25, 2002
I noticed a small "pimple" on the top part my steering wheel, i.e on the plastic. It's so small that it's virtally impossible to see. But it's right where my hands sit. And now that I know it's there, I always find/feel it. It almost seems like a tiny defect in the plastic.

Question - has anyone encountered this, and what have they done (other than living with it). PLEASE don't tell me to leave it alone... unless some can tell me they fixed a similar problem, I plan to live with it. Perhaps the body shop has some ideas. I just don't want to make a minor annoyance into something really bad.

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jboriott, I too have a defect in the top of my yellow steering wheel. It is a small chip about 3/32'nds and at the very top. The problem I have is with taking the car back to the dealer. I have had poor luck with getting a car back without some evidence of the trip. A small ding, grease on the rugs, scrapes on the leather seat, etc. I have a slight frosting on the rear deck lid that I will live with instead of letting the dealer paint the lid and having rubbing compound on my black convert. The recalls have me worried. WAJMAN

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I had the same on my car. Dealer took one look, ordered a replacement wheel. Came in about a week. Took half hour to move guts from damaged wheel to replacement. I waited and drove it away myself.
I have a small nick on the very top of my blue wheel that I just noticed the other day. I thought maybe my wedding ring had nicked it, but now I'm not so sure. I've been driving the car since Dec 14. My ring has never scratched any other steering wheel. Maybe I should just stop wearing the ring... Just kidding, dear.
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