Photos of Engine & trunk?

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I saw my first real Bird last week at a dealer in Fishers,IN. The car was yellow & beutiful! The old gal who bought it must have been 75 tears old & would not allow anyone to even look under the hood or touch her car! She was number 2 on a list of approx. 50. I am #22. She paid $10,000 above list! But I don't want to pay above list price. Where can we go to buy one at list?

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Klecker --

No #2 Birds have been delivered yet, so your gal must have been bumped up to #1.

You really have to look hard these days to find T-Birds at MSRP, but you may be able to get one at a small-town dealer. Everyone in California (wher I live) was charging $10,000 over, so I ended up buying mine in Kentucky. Persistence paid off!
Tom --

I don't know the exact numbers about delivery, but it seems that they've produced about 2,000 cars so far. Not all of those have been delivered. Many just a few hundred.

It looks like the cars with VINs through about 3,000 have been at least scheduled for production in the next few weeks. l have a VIN of 4222, but no production date yet -- the official status is still "temporary hold."
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