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Hi guys. Glad to see you like the new Tbirds. About time they were brought back to they way they were meant to be. I don't own a new one but I do own a 1955. Thanks to the 1955 I can't afford a new one! Anyways I was wondering if anyone here lives in south Florida. I live in Coral Springs which is between Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. If anyone lives nearby I would like to take a photo op with our cars together. First year of the Thunderbird and its return together. My Tbird is red with red and white interior. If your interested either reply or email me at

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Hi Ranat1-

I'm very, very close to you. I live in Oakland Park and have alreay done photos with Yellow Thunder from this forum. I have a Thunderbird Blue, Blue hardtop and Black and blue interior. Now, if it would only stop raining we could do the photos.

Feel free to communicate with me either here or by e-mail. Just check the e-mail icon on this post.

Take care,

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