Personalized plates

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Hi to all on the list. I was wondering if I could tap into the creative minds on the list, and see if they could help me figure out a personal plate for my car. I have been fortunate enough to get one of the 2000 cars that are to be sold in Canada. I have ordered "Black", and have been told that I will see my car in Sept. I can use up to 8 digits on my plate. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. As an aside, I know that there are cars still available in the Niagara Falls-Toronto area. I got mine for list. Just surf the dealerships in this area and email them as to availablity. Thanks in advance.

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SR-71 == USAf Black Bird

Sumrfun == Summer Fun

SumrBrd == Summer bird ( this is my plate)

3 X Fun == Fun Fun Fun (like the song)

Sxebird == Sexy Bird
The vanity plate I'm interested in only allows six characters. Kind of limits what you can do, but I'm trying for some variation of "tbird is back". Is "BRDSBK" too cryptic? [Might be confused with "bird's beak" :] With more letters, I'd go with "birdsbak" or some variation.
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