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Well, our Texas inmates have been busy. I finally got my personalized plate for Blue 02.


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56Birdman, Do you mean XXX fun? Just kidding. The hitch looks good. Have you used it?

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I worried briefly about the XXX thing, but I quickly got over it. I haven't used the hitch yet, as I'm still waiting for my trailer to be painted. I will post pix as soon as it is done.
I chose 1STBIRD for my ohio bird. The girl at the license plate bureau said I couldnt have it and after killing her with kindness I got it. Some states allow you to look to see if certain names/numbers are available. I like your ideas, but they were already taken in Ohio.
In Texas my yellow/yellow bird personalized plate is "TWEEDE". Tweety & Tweete had already been taken.

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TWEEDE, great choice, I love it

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I am going to pick up my plates today.
It starts with a heart symbol that stands for love then is followed by RTBYRD. That was the best that I could do. Every Tbird combination in Ca has been spoken for.
My plate is Raven02. The bird is black and of course 2002 but it also has a double meaning. Our boat in Ft. Lauderdale is named Raven so as boaters do when they get their next boat is to name it Raven II. Didnt have enough spaces to go "Tender to Raven".
Now that so many of you are getting personalized plates, I'd like to start a webpage with just license plate pictures. If you're able to email photos to me, I'd appreciate it. Just use my email icon above to get my address. I'll put your credits on the page

btw - I've already collected some plates: Lon O'Connell's, gobird's, RTBRD's, tr cruiser's, of course - Hugh's above, & T-bird II's

Dot, tbird blue w/white top on order, #18/26 the New T-bird

Haven't posted them yet but I have 12 already collected - mostly those I dug out of my files. Should have the page up sometime this morning.
Sorry Joe, looks like Dot used my pic taken after dark when we were down there. Didn't come out too good.

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Thank you to those that have sent me pics. Have noticed that I'm getting alot of plates from Thunderbird blue owners and NONE from RED owners. There are some out there aren't there?
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