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OK, now we know how old you all are and also your life history and your hobbies. Now what kind of person do you think you are as far as contributing to this board. I'm doing a study on human behavior and how people interact with others on a public forum like this. If you believe this then I have a GOLD PLATTED T-Bird I will sell you for $25,000.00.
Be that as it may, just what do you think you have to offer to this board. Sense it is NOT going anywhere t-bird.
For myself, I feel that I can give some limited experties on being a back yard mechanic for around 40 yrs.

I also hope I give some levity to the forum now and then. Hope no hard feelings about that.

I can be a determind individual and maybe a little stubbron about things. I get this I think because I chair the safety committee for my union where I work and sometimes you have to be that way to get things done.

This T-Bird Is a passion with me. It is the car that I've wanted sence 1957 and now I have one. I am determed to have it right. After all I've waited for 45 years for THIS CAR.

So, if you dare, please tell us what you think about what you give to this board.

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hmmm-how about the impression that someone had of me that I tend to be like a good bird dog when it comes to researching subjects? NOT!!

I'm not really sure what "I" give to the board, but I enjoy interacting with the rest of the folks here.

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I hope that I have sometimes offered a unique and imaginative point of view (e.g. my letter to the "forum" re. Freyja's first wash, or musings on the "view over the hood"). I hope as an Architect, that I've been able to bring a heightened aesthetic sensitivity, or at least a broad array of terms with which to phrase it to the forum. One of the main reasons we all love this car is because it's so beautiful. In sharing various stories I hope I have, once or twice, opened up lost recollections, or broadened someone's own understanding and appreciation of their own experience with this car. I know others posting here have done that for me.

Bottom line: I get a lot more from this forum than I could ever hope to give back: All the great postings of information, the tracking that has been done by RTBRD, the inside connection from Tony, support while waiting, the word from inside the plant, great stories from everybody, great humor, unique points of view; a chance to know and be known by a diverse and unique community of individuals united by our common passion for this American icon.

I agree, niteflight...the sum is greater than the parts...

I'm too new to it to say I really bring anything different or better...I appreciate so much the input and work from Tony, JodRod and Wixompooh (miss you!)...

For me it's simply a chance to hear what others are saying, offer possible support, gain input and help each other...
I think there are lots of people who offer lots of things to this board. But on the other hand I also think everyone offers something to the board even if it is just one piece of information. One good piece of info can sometimes be as important or more important than 100 pieces of info. So I will not classify myself or anyone else on how important I feel they are to this board. We need everybodys input.

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