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Partial Cover for 2002 Tbird from Roadster Solutions

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by BBird, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    We just shipped our 2002 Tbird to Florida where the car will be kept outside for the winter. Im concerned about my beautiful, perfect condition, black convertible top fading in the intense sun down there. I've looked into a partial cover that would cover just the top, please see the picture below. I'm just wondering if anyone has used this type of top and if you're happy with it. A company called Roadster Solutions out of PA sells it, here is the link if anyone wants to look: http://www.roadstersolutions.com/product429.html I've read some reviews that were mostly good on this type of top that people have used on their BMWs, just wondering if anyone has any input or advice. Trying to avoid the hassle of using a full cover.

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  2. This is just my opinion, it would appear from photo that fastening this cover would actually take more effort than rolling out and up a full cover. That said, I also see an issue w/ edge and straps causing "rub" damage to the paint. If you are going to leave a cover on outdoors, make sure it is breathable.
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  3. Budge car covers are the best and come in different styles, you can cable lock them to...on sale for about $99. I have one for everyday use and a totally waterproof one too...great if you don't garage your Bird!
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  4. Thanks for the input guys, still trying to figure out the best route. I've got to keep the top looking like new, just don't want to make any mistakes in doing so. Love to hear from anyone else with suggestions.
  5. biddle

    biddle Administrator Staff Member

    Here are some on Amazon. LINK Budge has been around since 1940!
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  6. I see you are in Boston, me to but Cambridge. Call Donny at at Allston Auto Tops and say John with the silver T- Bird recommended him...be prepared to talk forever! He will give really honest info, nice guy but a Saab Convertible person. He has a winter home in Florida so he can give you good advice.
  7. Thanks John! My husband & I both grew up in Davis Sq, Somerville, went to St John's Church in N Camb, so we know Camb well. I'll give Donny a call, Thanks for the tip!
  8. I think you are better off with the full cover. This way you can protect the paint from fading. Many come with the cable lock as well
  9. Hi Spiderman,
    Thanks for your suggestion. We'll probable get a whole cover too, just looking for something that could go on and off quick and easy for daily use, the afternoon sun is pretty intense and it would be beating down right on that beautiful black top of mine. We'd put the whole cover on when we won't be using the car for longer periods.
  10. vinnie

    vinnie Aways Learning Lifetime Donor

    I use a similar cockpit cover on my Bird, but it's in the garage. My issue is bug poop! If daily or semi daily use is what you want it for then go for it. It's not nearly as much hassle as a full cover, you can install & remove it by yourself, and - you can toss it in the trunk if need be. The sun does far more damage to vehicles than any other element - just ask my boat.
  11. Hi Vinnie,
    Thanks for the info, I'm planning on ordering the partial cover for more frequent use and the full one for longer term, we'll see how long I last before I burn out with putting on the partial top on all the time. lol!

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