(Parental Advisory) Gender of car: Freyja is a she.

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Dear Ford Thunderbird Forum,

I've never written a letter like this before. I know it's not "all about me", but I can't help believing that this freak winter weather we're having in the middle of March is connected with the fact that I took delivery of triple-red "Freyja" the Tuesday before last. The weekend before I took delivery, temperatures had been in the 70's, and the sky was that blue color you usually only see on cheap postcards (at least if you live in Seattle). The 2 weeks since then have seen snow and freezing rain, unheard of for this time of year, with temperatures crossing back and forth over the freezing line: wet snow falls, melts, then freezes into a sheet of ice on the roads. Sanding trucks come out, leave their mess, it melts again, and Semis and SUVs kick it up in filthy, swirling clouds.

Anyway, yesterday, I couldn't wait any longer. Between snow-flurries, I had to wash the week's commute off of Freyja, and here's what I can report: From the moment her voluptuous, swelling, sensuous curves - engorged with Torch Red paint - rose to meet my soapy mitt, I knew I was getting turned on! She is so beautiful, so sexy! After washing her top and windows, I turned my attention to her "front end". I worked my soapy sponge around the dimple in front of her hoodscoop, and up and down along the crease between her fender and hood. I spent time around the deck-mounted brake light and her luscious rear end. When I turned my attention to her lower flanks, I could actually see her getting redder!

She didn't throw herself at me. But she didn't turn me away either. She just sat there quietly, while I soaped her down from top to bottom, and then rinsed and dried her. Later, I took her out to dinner and a cabaret show at a nice place in a rather toney Seattle Suburb, Kirkland (aka Carmel North). We got a good end parking spot, and everybody who passed remarked on her great beauty. The lady in red.

I'm sure as time goes on, we'll get to know each other better. I'll learn every curve and crease of her body - all the sounds she makes. She'll come to know the feel of my foot on her throttle, my hand on her wheel. Harried mornings, quiet evenings, rainy afternoons, star-struck Summer nights, weekend flings at the beach, simple errands - all these things we'll enjoy together. But for now, I'm willing to take it slow. I can only imagine what it'll be like when I finally take her top off for the first time!

I know there are some who will say that this affair between a man and a machine is not natural. There are others who will say that it's blasphemy to touch a Goddess with ardent hands. But they don't understand what we've found together. I know that many of you will though. I only hope Freyja doesn't mind my writing about our first experience here in the forum. I'm in love, and she's a lady!


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niteflite - I am glad you are enjoying your car... but I fear the wait may have been a little too long for you! Try to get out a more often, but remember to take the lady with you!!

I must admit, I am suffering a twinge of separation anxiety. My Bird has been in storage for over two months. Praying for a beautiful spring... and very soon, please.

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And what a story. That was great, both wife and I loved it.

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Somebody had to wait a little too long for his car!!! But what a great story, showing the passion we have for our cars - even if some won't admit it!

triple blue in Topeka, any day now.....
Well, at least you didn't start out by saying "I'm a sophomore at a small midwestern college and I never thought something like this would happen to me, but............"

Thanks for a bright start to my day here in rainy NC.
Oh! Oh! I think I'm in BAAAD trouble! I ordered my red/red back in November, but was too late for an '02. I have to wait till '03. I'm afraid by then my story will start with "I'm a spohomore...." I think I'm reverting already.


After that story I think I need a cigarette. And I don't even smoke.

Courage - and shuffle the cards
Next time use cold water during the rinse. It will help with that problem. :)
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