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I've been approached by our local St. Paddy Day Parade Committe to transport the lovely "Miss Sweet Potato Queen" in the festivities. Since I have never owned a convertible, I have to ask a dumb question.

Will the weight of a person sitting on the boot knock the alignment of the softtop out of whack and/or will it damage the pumps?

This is a serious question. I had many request for this over the Xmas holidays, but was able to deny them because the Bird was not in. Please advise. Thanks.

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How big is the lovely "Miss Sweet Potato Queen"???
She shouldn't be sitting on the boot. Her lovely little rump should be sitting on the edge of the trunk lid. Get something soft for padding (like a quilt or blanket, make sure it's thick enough (foam or a pillow) so she doesn't feel like she's sliding off the rear end of the car. Placing her feet on the ledge should give her stability and still keep her knees/legs from resting on the boot. (experience is from other convertibles)
I wish my T-bird would be here for St. Patty's Day! Mine won't be here for my b-day either (tomorrow). If you decide to participate in the parade, post pictures!
Seriously doubt the boot was designed to support the weight of a person & you definitely don't want anyone sitting on the bows. The only safe place for her would be in the passenger seat. You would have to come up with a load bearing platform for her to sit on if you wanted her to sit back there. That may take some ingenuity.

Not sure that most women would be able to sit on the trunk lid edge with their feet on the ledge - that's a long stretch from what I've seen of the boot.

I was afraid of that, Dot, but these days they seem to build girls long instead of wide. And can you imagine the thrill of the girl who gets to ride in a parade in a convertible like her mom/aunt/grandma did when the T-bird was new? I bet she'd become a contortionist to ride in a 2002 T-bird!
Kristi, since you do not have your T-bird, wanted to send a big "Happy Birthday" to provide a little pick up for you. They missed my birthday back in September and I got my Bird for Thanksgiving--but it sure is not a Turkey!!!
It is worth the wait!!!!

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You have six weeks to come up with a small platform of some sort that can be fitted over the softtop boot. Maybe something that will have legs up from the platform behind the seat and thick foam to rest on the back deck. BE SURE THEY TAKE THEIR SHOES OFF BEFORE STEPPING ON THE SEAT!!!! High heels poke holes in leather. Put a towel down on the seat for her to step on if in flat soled shoes.
If I had my car I'd figure something out, but you have some time to bounce ideas off other people. I carried a couple of early teen girls on the aluminum top cover of one of my other cars and still have little butt marks in the aluminum. Make a platform!! It will save a lot of grief I'm sure.
Platform, Good idea.

I have a fabrication shop. My bird is in storage right now, maybe I should take off the hardtop and start figuring this out.

Can fab and sell them for cost on here. My contribution to all the great people I've met on here.
Thanks to all for the input. I finally read the pamphlet that came with the boot and it said in big black letters "DO NOT SIT ON BOOT". That answers that stupid question.

The platform and frabicated option sound good. I live in a small town and know I will get many more request for parades, which I would probably enjoy since I'm a dirty old man. As far as St. Paddy Day parade, the only thing I can hope for is rain. Thanks again.
If you get the wild hair to try and build a small sitting platform, try to make it foldable for storage. I would be interested in one for sure, either way.
I have a feeling that a lot of Thunderbird's are going to be requested to be used for various organizations for parades this year. I have already been asked to drive my car for tha Mayor of my parent's hometown for a local parade that they have each Fall. I'll definitely have him sit in the passenger seat!
Count me in on the platform. Lots of pol friends want my bird for their parades. Some of them are more like The Klumps and will probably crush my boot.

What kind of weight capacity are we talking? Most times there will be two people in the back.

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