Parade & Sitting on Top

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This question was discussed months ago, but I don't remember any resolve. I have been asked to drive the "MAY QUEEN" at our university on Saturday and she wants to sit on the top. I was thinking of removing the headrest and having her sit on the top of the seat back. Has anyone had a person sit on the edge behind the seats or is the top of the seat back a better idea?
I would suggest a piece of 3/4" plywood about three feet wide that would span from the front edge of the truck lid to the bulkhead behind the seats with a notch cutout for the high brake light. You would have to cover it with something soft to protect the bird from scraches. This should distribute the load and not damage anything.

I would imagine anybody trying to sit on the top of the seatback would be both uncomfortable and not very stable, plus their feet would be on the seat.....unacceptable, unacceptable. Need a quilt or some foam rubber to pad the area...the more I think of it, I'd just decline!!
Back in February NuttyGambler hinted that he might be willing to fabricate a platform for elevated seating in the Parade Usage thread. Don't know if he followed up on it, but might be worth checking...
After reading "DO NOT SIT ON BOOT" in big black letters, I decline all request all request to transport the young ladies in an elevated position. If they want to sit in the passenger seat, fine, just not on the boot or seat back.
Did look into it. May build one for myself. But figure the liability end of things too high to sell.
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