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I ordered my bird in July and after waiting two and a half months it arrived yesterday, however when I went to pick it up I made a walk around inspection and found two flaws in the paint.

First on the lower front left fender where was a bubble or dirt in the paint about the size of your small finger nail.

Second as I looked down the red finish in the bright sun light there was hundreds of small (pin head size) spots that looked like tree sap had dropped on the finish. I saw the car come off the truck in the AM and it was covered with the white plastic. So it had to have come from the factory. The dealer tried to rub it out but it was still there. He said he would send it to the body shop for them to buff the entire car.

My question is has any one else had this paint problem ?

Want the buffing cut through the clear coat?

What do you think ?

Would pay $40 thousand and take a car that had spots repainted and the finished
“Buffed Out” ?

Help !!!!


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Personally, I would not take delivery. It's not onlt the $40K but it's the principle of "Job One" at Ford.
It is worth the wait to get another! The dealer will only sell it to someone else after buffing so he doesn't lose. This late in the year there are others available for sale
Well the original dealer is still trying to “Buff Out” the spots and repaint the fender. However after checking on the internet under the ford dealer inventory search I went out yesterday with money in hand prepared to purchase a bird. After looking at five red tbirds, four had paint flaws or scratches or the dealer had installed the front license bracket. So I started my quest again today and as I was heading out of town to a dealer 50 miles away a local dealer called and had just received a new red bird and had not put the bracket on nor had he plastered the rear with a sticker with his name. I told him to clean it up for the paint inspection and I would be by. When I got there it was flawless however it had a full red interior and I wanted a partial. He discounted the price $1000 below MSRP and I am now a happy man again. One dealer in town has 5 birds however he still thinks he can get $2500 over.

I guess alls well that ends well but now the original dealer is giving me a hard time about returning the deposit, he says I did not give him a chance to repair the original car.....get real

Good for you Mike

The other dealer should be reported to Ford, I do not believe they would be too happy with treating you that way. Red is hard enough to keep flawless and I sure would not start out brand new that way. I like the full package better anyway. Yea for you, cindy

Good for you! I'm glad that it worked out for you, even though you got the full accent. I don't think you ever would have been fully satisfied accepting the original car in that condition, even if it appeared they fixed it. Get your deposit back !

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In the state of Ohio it is illegal to keep your deposit even if you signed something. I had to remind my dealer of this when we did my deal. Full delivery must be made along with complete satisfaction on your part for the contract to hold up in court...this cost me 250 bucks from my attorney as I am just a dumb doctor...There are two birds (red and blue) at Brondes Ford, Toledo,Ohio - but watch them..they get sneaky..
Originally posted by tleslie:
In the state of Ohio it is illegal to keep your deposit even if you signed something.

We always worded it "Partial Payment" instead of deposit. Wonder if that makes a difference.
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