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I'm on Long Island for the next couple of days doing some testing and will not be able to tend to things on a normal basis. I should be back on Friday and try and catch up on things then. I saw something about a poll for the chrome strip, I'll see what I can do.


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I don't know how far on long Island you are, but I am right over the GW Bridge in NJ. If you want to have a cup of coffee, let me know, and I wil try to get together with you.

Joe & Charlie, Hey how about counting me in too, I'm in Hackensack, I only need a minutes notice.

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Well, I'm back. Boy, it takes some time to go thru everything when you miss a day or two, about 1 1/2 hours. Dot, how long did two weeks take you?

metinsure/57 bluebird, sorry, didn't see this post until this morning but I would not have had the time. These field tests are pretty intesive, 16 hour shift on Wednesday, didn't leave the facility until after midnight and had a 7AM flight on Thursday, spent yesterday afternoon catching up on missed sleep.

When the wife got home from work last night she said "I have some bad news for you", "Yeah, what's that?" I replied. "RTBRD and I have bonded and you won't be able to drive the car anymore", to which I said, "Does that mean I will be able to order the grey with the supercharger next year?", "Sure, if you can afford to be paying for three cars." Now I have a delima, how can I come up with the money?

It's funny, she has always liked the TBird but was never obsessed with it like I am. She usually gets to drive it to work on Friday but I have it during the rest of the week. Since I was going to have to leave a car here at work while I was gone, she had the Bird and I took her car. It is amazing what 4 days in the Bird can do. This can be a good and bad thing, she now understands where I am coming from (good thing) but will now probably want to have RTBRD more than one day a week (BAD thing). We work well together so I'm sure we will come up with a agreeable solution.

rtbrd,be glad you get the car that much. I only get mine on the weekends or trips to Florida.

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Or you could have the best of both worlds (depends on how you look at things). My wife and I work together so I get her and the car everyday.

Funny but it suits me just fine.
Originally posted by RTBRD_aka_jodrod:
Well, I'm back. Boy, it takes some time to go thru everything when you miss a day or two, about 1 1/2 hours. Dot, how long did two weeks take you?

2 days (& it was 3.5 weeks worth) - remember my slow modem.
I skipped reading yesterday and it's been 2 hours already catching up.
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