Out of gas at 1/2 tank problem

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I know there was a thread on this but I was not able to find it, so here it is again.

On the way to work this morning I noticed that the low fuel indicator was lit and low and behold I was dead nuts on 1/2 tank. This is at 4:45 in the morning and the nearest open gas station was about 4 miles up the road. Kept the fingers crossed and pressed on. Luckily I made it to that station and filled up. Even after filling up the indicator remain lit.

Now the question. For those of you that had this problem what was the fix? Did your light come on and stay on after you filled up?

I have a similar problem listed in the problems database but that one occurred with 1/4 tank remaining. I remember several people having the problem at 1/2 tank.

Once again the forum comes thru, gave me a heads up and I was able to top off before stalling. I will call the dealer today and see if they have any info on this problem yet and will post the results.

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Mine ran out with 1/4 tank left. The only thing is my low fuel light never came on at all. They are going to replace the two fuel pumps that pump the gas from one side to the other. In fact the pumps came in yesterday and they should be installing them tomorrow.
Sounds like maybe only one of yours is bad and luckily the good one was pumping fuel to the side where the fuel outlet is.
I still believe it is a software bug. Did the low fuel light go out when you turned off the car and turned it back on? Or is it still on?

Boy, this is

When I went out and started my car yesterday after work, I noticed that the low fuel indicator was not lit. Later last night I went to the store and saw that it was on. That's strange I thought, so I turned off the lights and the quote low fuel indicator extinguished, turned the lights back on and guess what, the quote low fuel indicator came on.

I went and checked the owners manual and found that the indicator is in one of the subpanels on the dash, NOT next to the fuel guage. That indicator, which looks almost exactly like the low indicator, just informs you on which side the filler is located. I had never noticed the filler indicator when it was lit and have never let the fuel get low enough to light low fuel indicator.

The bright side to this embarrassing situation is that I have nothing wrong with the car, just me.

Oh, one other good point, I found out that a Special Service Message has been issued about this problem, it is #15466. I will enter this into the Proplem/Problem Resolution database on Monday when I go back to work.

This is related but want to know if anyone else has had a problem with the gas gauge accuracy. I recently purchased a 2003. Upon delivery it had a full tank of fuel according to the gauge. It drove it over 150 miles before it budged from full. All of a sudden, when I was ar 270 miles the gauge dived to empty and the light came on. It took 17.8 gallons to fill the tank. Second tank I filled at 120 miles to calculate MPG. Third and most recent tank, 195 miles and still on full. Took 9.1 gallons or about 20 MPG which is OK, but the gauge is bugging me. I would trouble shoot it initially as a bad sending unit in the tank but want to know if others had experienced this as wall.
On my 05 which I have owned since new, at a fill up when the gas station pump automatically shuts off the gas guage needle reads above the full mark & remains there for almost 100 miles. At that mileage the needle begins to track down as the further I drive on that tank.
I have always felt this to normal & not alarming. Speaking with other owners their 02-05 operate the same.
Took my '03 to a reputable dealer that I trust. Spoke with a technician who has worked on them and he says the sending unit sometimes has corrosion on it by the insulating cardboard piece. He removed it, cleaned us the connections and replaced. Works like new now
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