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As many of you already know, I am a system administrator by trade, and have appeared on the local news on occasion regarding viruses. I have noticed a number of folks with my email address in their books apparently have the KLEZ virus. We had an old codger accuse us last week of sending him a virus intentionally because he did not understand that the KLEZ virus picks an email address at random from the infected user's address book or hard drive and puts it in the sender line. It is called email spoofing, and makes the virus problem worse because one, you have innocent bystanders, and two, you cannot warn the real person who's computer is infected!

There is a solution! PCmagazine has ranked Norton is amoung the best for firewall and anti virus. You can get it online for 6.99 after rebate instead of 69.99 and it automatically keeps itself up to date with the newest virus definations whenever you are online!

If you don't have this or something you are running around with your fly open! Common folks, get your virus definitions up to date! If you have old virus definitions, you are still unprotected! Many of these viruses will randomly pick files on your computer and email them to random users without your knowledge. There have been instances already overseas where secret documents were leaked out to the internet from infected government computers! There are also backdoor trojans that will allow hackers to access private files and information on your computer without your knowledge. If you are using DSL/Cable or Satellite, it is even more crucial that you take steps to protect your computer and it's contents.

Okay enough preaching! Link http://www.websiteworld.com/norton


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You are right about deadly viruses. Question, can you tell which users have a virus when posting to this site? Can you stop the message from being posted if it is infected? That would be a terrific service for all of us users.
can you tell which users have a virus when posting to this site? Can you stop the message from being posted[/B]

We are talking about personal email, not posting to the forums.
Originally posted by RACERROGER:
So I guess the answer is no.

Have you ever seen a post to a forum that had a virus?
I had the Klez virus attack my computer. I found my-etrust to be an excellent, always updated, anti-virus program. It has alerted me several times about a virus contained in incoming e-mail. It does a good job of scanning and deleting any virus or defective files.
MY ISP finally started filtering e-mails for viruses, but the Klez one still tries to get into my machine. Norton keeps alerting me to it, so I have the opportunity to quarantine the sucker, but it's still annoying that some folks have too much time on their hands and even start such a thing.
I own a technology solutions and staffing firm, and we have a very sophisticated network for a small firm with T1 connections and approximately 20 folks operating remote through a private pipeline called VPN. tbird knows what that is. We run Norton Anti-Virus with automatic updates and it is superior to all of the others we have tried including McAfee. Even then, the Klez viruses were making to our machines. We have just installed a server based virus wall and that seems to be working well.

For those of you novices to all of this, tbirds recommendation to get Norton is great advice. For a few bucks, you can save yourself a lot of pain and suffering. It also will keep you hummin' on the TBird Forum.
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