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I have had lousy luck trying to order an extra top for my bird. I have Part numbers, but dealer is telling me the top is not available. I want to order an extra Performance White to go on the Blue Bird (got the blue one with the original order). Has anyone had any success ordering a top?
It is my understanding that when you order a new top it is not assembled. You have to order the various pieces and have it assembled. Anyone, correct me if I am wrong.
Can't correct you on that one.

I've seen only one come up on ebay and it went for app. 1500 - a real bargain for the buyer plus it was a one-of-a-kind - red and painted with a Thunderbird design by Diane von Furstenburg.
The top is currently only available in pieces and the total is near $5000. If everyone makes a request for one, Ford should make the top available as an accessory. However, the cost is the main factor. The top is worth $3,000. Will Ford offer it for that or will they mark it up? Wait and see.

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I had posted a reply on another string, not that you had to assemble the top but be careful how you order it. Make sure it is a complete top. A friend of mine ordered one and all that came was the shell. No windows, trim or headliner. He should have relized something was not right when they told him it was only around $600.

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I spoke with someone here in Atlanta last week that found out about our "Thunderbird Group" here. I referred him to this website, so he may be out there watching, but he told me that he originally ordered a red/red Thunderbird and then changed his mind and ordered a white/white one. When the car arrived here in Atlanta, it came as a white car with a red hardtop!!! Yes, it had a red top!

He sent the hardtop back to Ford (I know several here on this forum that would probably have loved to have had it!) and Ford sent him back a white hardtop, but it was only the shell, with no headliner/ glass, etc.

He is now having quite an ordeal getting a complete white hardtop for his Thunderbird.
that's the first instance we've heard of Ford supplying a car with a top varying from the "standard" color combos available. Wonder if there are more out there with odd color tops?? quite possible if they've done it for one.
I can understand why an earlier order for a top was only the shell - Engineering had not released the part numbers for a complete top. I have all the part numbers for all the pices if you were to order that way. But, I got the new Part numbers for an assembled top from Derek DeBono @ Ford - Ass't Brand Manager to M.D'Armi.
The assembled tops are 1W6Z-76500S26-xxx. The suffix is different for the different colors:
AAA is Ceramic White, AAB is Yellow, etc. Have them all if anyone needs them. The Performance White top is 2W6Z-76500S26-AAA.
My local dealer is a little guy but he says the system is showing no prices and no availability- which D'Bobo says has been fixed. Any larger dealers out there with some clout in Parts???

The price for the top should be about the difference between a "plain convertible" and the deluxe T-bird - about $1500.00. I'm sure Ford has had to supply tops for accident issues - and they had a bunch of tops of different colors when the tour was going on last summer. Would appreciate any help from someone with contact inside???
black w/ blue top and accent would be very similar to the neimans. ok, I'm color blind and TO ME they would look similar. anyway, I don't think it would look bad.

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Originally posted by RTBRD:
Red/White is full red interior, Black/Blue is black accent.

I think you meant white/red?? in keeping with the standard we've set on this forum.

Those are going to be really rare cars - hope the owners keep their paper work to prove the color combos.
Originally posted by 2birdblue:
...The assembled tops are 1W6Z-76500S26-xxx. The suffix is different for the different colors: AAA is Ceramic White, AAB is Yellow, etc. Have them all if anyone needs them. The Performance White top is 2W6Z-76500S26-AAA.

Thanks for that info. You have supplied us with something we haven't been able to find in the past. Would appreciate the other suffixes for the other colors and will keep them posted on my accessories page.

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"The assembled tops are 1W6Z-76500S26-xxx. The suffix is different for the different colors: AAA is Ceramic White, AAB is Yellow, etc. Have them all if anyone needs them. The Performance White top is 2W6Z-76500S26-AAA."
Those are the "Engineering" numbers used to identify the complete top assembly at the plant. They are not "Service" part numbers and as far as we know, no "Service" part numbers have been assigned to the complete top assembly.
Ford has not been able to get enough top assemblies to meet demand for production - thus the requirement that dealers order at least 15% without tops. If someone had a ligit need, like an accident that was verifiable by a zone manager, etc. they could pull a top from the production line and send it out to a dealer. Unfortunately, some other dealer will not get a hardtop on a unit because that one is gone.
If they were able to get additional tops, I would expect the price to be in the $4,000 - $5,000 range ----$2.500 for the option, $800 crate and handling/shipping plus Parts Division and dealer mark-up - ???
Have confirmed the part numbers from Ford for the Assembled Hardtop:
1W6Z-76500S26-AAA Ceramic White
1W6Z-76500S26-AAB Inspiration Yellow
1W6Z-76500S26-AAC Thuderbird Blue
1W6Z-76500S26-AAD Colorado Red
1W6Z-76500S26-AAE Satin Silver
1W6Z-76500S26-AAF Ebony (Black)
1W6Z-76500S26-AAG Performance White

I have ordered my extra Perfromance White top to add to the Blue car.

These part numbers are released for only the 2002 Birds since the 2003's will come in different colors and possible different color interiors.
The tops will be shipped "with the inner header panel loose in the package. The instruction sheet will show the correct proceedure .... to torgue down the header bracket bolts and install the header panel" Quoted from the e-mail on the Ford DOES system to the dealer.

The e-mail also confirmed the part number of the "Mylar Tape Kit" "to prtect the paint when the hardtop is installed" P/N 1W6276202W30-AA

The assembly was released to the system to order on June 7th.
This is how my dealer got an odd color combination. Buyer ordered black/black then changed his order to blue/blue.(so he thought) Salesman forgot to change the hard top color!!! Came in Blue/black, buyer said no, but it was bought very quickly...
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