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I keep calling the order tracking 800# and the voice recognition system mishears my clear pronunciation of "P60" as "T60".
Does anyone else have this problem and what suggestions does anyone have. Thanks

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Keep trying...I had that trouble some times. Remember, this is just a "dumb" computer you are talking to. I finally really emphasized the "p", with an emphasis like playing a horn. Good luck, it helps pass the time.

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I had that problem and made sure to speak slowly and distinctly. Also, if you are using a cell phone, try using a wired phone, it seems the system is quite susceptable to noise on the line.
Try using the system even if it sounds like T60, I had the same problem only to realize that the system either ignores the leading didgits and only uses the trailing ones or the system pronounces very badly P.

An other trick, if you have the dealer code, is call the "live" analyst and with alot of assurance say:

Hy this is "insert first name" my dealer code is "Xxxxx", I would like a status on VIN. XXXXXX.

Note, call from a phone that will not show your number call display.

A little bit of social engineering combined with knowledge of the phone system and Ford's internal processies will get you the info you need. No computer assistance required!

I had trouble with the 800 # understanding me. The problem was solved by having my wife call in and use a wired phone. It always recognized the female voice better.

Took delivery Jan 26. Loving every minute of it. Blue full premium #9429. Anybody notice that you can eject any or all cd's even when the alarm is set?

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Joel, if you say NO when it asks if that is correct, it will start to say the various combinations. Say no to all of them until it says P60, then say yes ----- it will go on and finally give you the information you need.
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