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Better get that change in quick. I just got my VIN last week, and when I checked on Thursday, I discovered that I am now locked.

Good luck!


You may want to be cautious about making changes, I remember reading some old posts (on the BON board) about changes throwing a gear into the monkeyworks.

Also, if you gave me your full vin, I have lost it, would you fill in the blank?

1FAHP60A ? 2Y109468


Vin number 1FAHP60A62Y109468 Black prem. soft top, std. int. # 2 of 9 MSRP. Dealer is in Berea, Ohio. All others sold for 5K to 7,500 0ver sticker. I put down deposit on June 1, 1999 at MSRP.

William Kettler
55 Bird black
57 Bird black
02 Bird black--SOON
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