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Apr 4, 2002
Today is my one year anniversary of placing my order for my T-Bird. I was told by the first salesman that I was 17 out of 17. Now I am told by the third salesman handling my case is that I am 17 out of 25.

So far my Dealer has really been useless, when the first salesman left and I called to provide my new address and phone numbers because I moved they did'nt know I even ordered a car. Thanks to you guys/gals I feel a lot better-thanks

I'm curious...Did your dealership provide you a copy of your DORA (Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgment). This ensures you that they do in fact have a car on order for you. It also has detailed info about your specfic car on it such as exterior/interior color, optional parking lamps, etc.

I made sure to get a copy of it as soon as I placed my order. If you don't have a copy of it, ask your current salesman to get you a copy. That should help put any doubts you may have to rest.

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