Orange peel on tops

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3M has two products which can be used to buff out the rough paint surface without damage to the clear cote. It is what Hot Rodders and custonm car nuts use on clear cote systems. ( best to go see a detail specialist if you are not familiar with the process)

3M Finesse-it II is used with a wool pad on a 'slow' speed buffer. Do not use too much and rub the buffer over the surface a while prior to pulling the trigger, or you will coat yourself and any gaulkers nearby.
Do not stay in one spot! ALWAYS keep the buffer moving across the surface, even a slow speed buffer can burn through the paint.
After the worst of the tops of the uneven surface is smoothed use a foam buffing pad and 3M Imperial Microfinishing compound liquid using the same buffing action.
This finish glase will also take out swirl marks on a black paint surface.

If someone out there knows how long the paint manufacturers suggest letting the T Bird paint 'breath' before waxing let me know.

I like to use a good wax like Maguire's High Tech Yellow carnuba wax as soon as possible after buffing. Some say leave fresh paint a month before waxing.

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The paint is completely cured when it leaves the plant- therefore, there shouldn't be the need to wait to wax/polish.

Finnesse It is one of the products that are used in the plant. I am not sure of the exact name- just can tell you that the plant uses a mix of purple and white..

Hope this helps
I have a friend who has a new Caddy with everything on it. The dealer told him orange peel was a finish found only on expensive cars!!!

Ahhh ....all dealers are the same!
While my new Blue/Blue Bird has some orange peel, I gave it little thought...traded in a new Mercedes for it and the Benz had orange peel, too.

Spent 6 hours on the Bird this last Saturday polishing it with the Zaino system...clay bar, lock and polish, cleaner...looks really "wet" now...very smooth finish. CLASSIC!
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