Opinion on tires for 2002-2005


2004 Platinum over Sand interior
Mar 8, 2020
Thunderbird Year
I forgot to add that using my own modules saved me an additional $90 at Costco; theirs were twice the price. I wanted new modules because the old ones were original to the car and probably at the limit of their lifespan; waiting would mean an additional cost of $15 per tire to dismount, install, and remount/rebalance. Altogether, I saved $240, so the hassle was worth it to roll on these 60,000 mile Michellins. Very glad these Retrobirds don't use the TPMS.
Sep 5, 2018
Thunderbird Year
Except for my one mistake of going to a Goodyear store last year, I regularly use tirerack.com. Their prices are always very good and they can ship them anywhere. You can pick them up if you are near a warehouse or ship them to your home or any approved installer. I’ve done all three ways. Get the original Michelin’s there for $189, Continental Extreme Contact for $127 or BFGoodrich for $150. All great choices. Don’t get Goodyear especially if you let you car sit garaged for months at a time.