One size fits all?

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I have read from some that the T-birds are very tight for those of us that are on the tall side. I am 6'3" but fairly thin. I would appreciate any feedback from existing owners about their experience with leg room/head room, especially taller owners. No VIN yet but if the interior is simply too small, I may have to rethink the purchase which will break my heart.

Unless you have your heart set on a hardtop, why not do without? We've been told that the supply situation is better for the softtop-only option, so you may see earlier delivery. At 6'2", my friend Len can barely fit with the hardtop in place.
I'm 6'4" and fit is good for me. I understand your concern, had the same myself. Before I committed, my dealer allowed me the opportunity to sit in a Bird that was prepped and ready for delivery so i could see how the fit was. I have adjusted the seat as Jodrod described in a previous post. My suggestion, try one out if you can, but you should be able to fit.
I am 6' 2" and somewhat thin myself. I find the fit quite reasonable. It reminds me of sitting in my '56 as far as room is concerned, actually more comfortable.

I, too, had to sit in one before I was sure I wanted to buy one, and that slowed down my commitment to purchase.

For me, it is most comfortable to slide the seat forward a bit and lean it back, either with the powered tilt, or the mechanical release. I find that there is plenty of leg room, the closest fit is the head room. I have not had the hard top off yet (hope to get my electric lift this week), so the convertable top may be a bit tighter. Still, I think it will be acceptable.

I am finding that if I get in a bigger car now I feel a bit at a loss with all that unused space. Scary!!

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The Bird has great leg room, adequate hip room for those under 280 and head room depends on if you are long waisted or not.

The early birds have the head room issue and the visiblity is a bit worse.

I am sure this car will be a better long trip cruiser than the 55-57 and Paula and Jodrod have been there done that.

I love the wide bucket and head room I get in my 1968 AMC AMX, but that's another story.

This car, in my opinion, is not complete without the hardtop, so I hope you have a good fit.

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I'm not quite 6' tall, and short-legged. I got my car Friday, and it took two days and six or seven attempts at fiddling with the seat before I felt comfortable. The seats are great, but the top is just too low for a lot of people. Today a friend who is about 6'2" with long legs tried to get comfortable and just plain couldn't. The problem is, with short legs like mine you can scoot the seat up far enough to tilt the seat back and create some headroom. (I prefer not to drive that way, but I figure I can learn.) When my long-legged friend tried to scoot the seat forward, his knees rose up to the steering wheel, and he still had trouble with headroom.

I love the car more every time I crawl into it--the ride, speed, power, luxury, handling--everything about it. It may not be a car for everyone, at least not with the hardtop on, but if you ever do get comfortable in the Tbird, you won't want to get out!
I'm 6'4" and about 190 lbs and had no trouble getting the seat adjusted to fit me. The top was close but still about 1" away from the top of my head. It seems to be roomier than our '57 and is much easier to get in and out of.
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i hate to repeat it., but if you are over 6 ft 2, forget it unless you want to spend all your time being cramped under that hardtop. its brutal. sometimes if you want something badly enough you can rationalize it. but not in this case. its bad enough to pay an over price for it. then to be squished is silly. there are a whole raft of slick cars coming out shortly. i would wait,,,,t bird is nice. but not enough thought to people went into it.
I am 6'4" and weigh in at 230 lbs. One of my biggest fears in ordering the car was that I wouldn't fit. I tried to find a car to sit in before I ordered it, but none were available. I went to the International Auto show with the full intention of being able to sit in one. Much to my chegrin the car was displayed on a moving pedestal with a cute model making sure no one got near it. I ordered the car anyway. When the car finally arrived I was not able to sit in it until all the paperwork was signed. Finally I got my chance. I got in and within a few minutes of adjusting the seat position all the way down with the back slightly tilted I was comfortable. My head is about 1/4" below the ceiling of the hardtop, but to me it is comfortable. I have no problems driving. I drive to work about 40 miles one way each day and I do not feel cramped at all. The cockpit has plenty of leg room and
the controls are within easy reach. I am so happy I bought this car.

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