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I bought a quart of Motorcraft 5-20 synthetic oil at my Ford dealer just in case I need to top off. I've noticed at various automotive departments and gas stations that 5-20 is not stocked. What would you use (if you had to)? They sometimes have 5-30 synthetics and maybe a 5-20 non synthetic on the shelf. Any ideas?

Wal-Mart carries the Motorcraft 5W20 oil for $1.77/qt. here in Florida. Don't know about where you are, but it is becoming more and more available.

In a pinch use 5-20 Dino juice. The synthetic and dino will blend without a problem (semi-synthetic blends, such as Valvoline's Durablend and others, are the same thing). I wouldn't blend different weight oils. Better yet, put a quart of Motorcraft in a heavy duty zip lock bag in the trunk (or behind the seat, if you don't have to have the seat all the way back).


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