Oil leak

And, are you sure it's an oil leak? Power steering fluid, A/C oil could show up in the same places and as was mentioned, seals on those functions are likely to dry out from non use and need attention. Not what people usually think of when looking at an "aged" car with few miles..........
Just got the car back from the shop and am told and have pictures that our 2003, with 37K has two engine oil leaks. I had the power steering oil leak fixed earlier this year but was still getting oil on the garage floor and it wasn't red. Both the front engine cover seal and the oil pan seal are leaking. Est $1600 to fix both. I am going to do some tests next spring to see if I can tell which one is leaking the worst. The front engine cover is the expensive one. I have only seen one other post in my research of the forum of this problem. A pice of cardboard on the garage floor and a can of oil on the shelf will keep us going for a good while unless ZI tackle it myself.
Clean the entire engine making sure you get the top, front and bottom with some kind of degreaser cleaner. Make sure you get it clean! Dry it off really well!

When you have an oil leak, as you drive down the road, between the fan and airflow, it pushes any leaking fluid from the front to the rear of the engine. Once the engine is completely clean and dry, take it for a test drive. Once you return and park it overnight, if you see oil on the ground? Locate the oil leak by starting from the front of the engine and working toward the back. Chances are you will need to be looking at the engine from underneath to spot the leak. Now that you've located the area closest to the front of the engine where oil residual is coming from. With the engine running at an idle, you may be able to see exactly where the oil is weeping from.

Ive found many leaks like this. Its a pain but it works. This way you can be sure if what you've been told where your leaks are is true! Hope this helps?