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Jodrod et el, I am looking for a Ford Escape and I wonder if there is an online dealer I can check for prices and to buy from. Any ideas here, Naturally I want the best for the least amount of money. Went to my Bird dealer and think I can do better on this type of car. Thanks for any info Joy

P.S. I believe in loyalty as long as they are fair.

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Go to , go to New Cars, put in your Zip code, Ford, and pick the Escape you want. Once on the Escape page, on the right middle, there is an option called "One Page Printable View". Select that, and scroll down. All info will be on one scrollable page, and you can either print it or just read it. All options are available. You can see the price that shows up on the sticker, and the price the dealer pays Ford for the vehicle. Keep in mind that the dealer gets a 3% holdback from Ford, i.e., 3% of the total MSRP gets paid to the dealer by Ford. With this info, you are armed and ready for negotiation. On the Escape, my first offer would be $200 over invoice. They make that $200 plus the holdback, which is another $600-$800. Stand firm, and drive it away tonight! Good luck,
Hugh in a Blue 02
love it

I went through Autoway Ford, my service dealer and where I would have purchased the Bird if one was available, to get our '02 Escape XLT. Being a member of the credit union I was able to purchase it for $500 over invoice, no haggle. If you will notice, the Escape as well as the TBird are the only vehicles that Ford is not offering incentives on. I have bought 3 cars from our salesman and have a good working relationship with him and therefore trust what he tells me. He stated that it is unusual for an Escape to sit on the lot more than two days, they are a hot item.

BTW, we special ordered ours, we could not find one in the state of Florida that had the combination of options we wanted. It was 28 days from order placement to delivery.
More Tbird with Escape owners?

We have a 02 of both, wife loves her Escape as much as I do the Tbird. Paid $400 over invoice, ordered it.
Question for the Escape owners.

Just how roomy is it on the inside?

We have three kids and two dogs. I can't seem to picture all of us in it every other weekend going to our place upnorth. That is why we both drive "tanks".

Just curious as our lease on his is up in a few months.


His- F 150 SuperCrew Lariat 4x4
Hers- F 150 SuperCrew Lariat 4x4 Off Road
Sure can't let him have the better one :)

We can seat 5 adults comfortably and still have room for several suitcases/large boxes. Throw on a 4' x 8' utility trailer and it will haul about anything we need to. I looked around and found a stake body trailer, used, for $100. Built a removable enclosure for it out of plywood for when it is needed to carry things that must stay dry.

A 2" draw bar hitch and wiring cost just over $200 installed.

Thanks everyone, I went in to the dealer with all necessary info and walked out with a sweet deal. Ended up with a Yellow Premium and don't think It was $400 over.
Thanks again. Joy

I think you will like your Escape bunches. I have driven the wife's about 3 times now, in fact have it today, and the more I drive it the more I like it. We traded a '98 Honda CR-V in on it and they are porbably the benchmark for the cute utes. Time will tell if they have the same quality as Honda but I like the Escape more. This is the same vehicle as the Mazda Tribute and I am thinking the design must be Mazda's, seems to have a lot of Japanese desing cues.

Bottom line is plenty of power and room, good heater, quiet engine (the CR-V's was pretty noisy), good fit and finish (minimal orangepeel) and very comfortable seats with the same power adjustments as the TBird's.

One major complaint is the moon roof. I has an auto-open like the driver side window but it is very difficult to stop in the correct spot when closing. It tends to pass the closed position and move into the vent position where the rear of the glass pops up. I'll have to go over the users manual and see if there is something we are missing about closing the roof. Other than that we love it.

Oh, one other thing, it sure is RED.

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