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I know some of you have a Ford Escape. I'm interested in your opinion of the car.

My wife and I are evaluating the Escape, Jeep Liberty, and Honda CRV


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We have had our Escape for about 5 or so weeks and we both like it bunches. We traded in a '98 CR-V on it and I like it better than the Honda. We got the XLT version.

There is more room inside, the seats are more confortable with more adjustments (same adjustments as the TBird), considerably more power, quieter and a better stereo.

We considered a '02 CR-V but it still has a 4 banger although larger than the '98s (2.4L vs. 2.0L) but is still only rated at 147 HP, the Escape has a 3.0L V6 with 200 HP.

The price was about the same on both. Insurance is a little more on the Escape because of the larger engine/more power.

If you have any intentions on towing, the Escape w/V6 is definately the way to go. I have a 4'x8' utility trailer that I use to transport things between St. Pete and our property in north FL. If it was anywhere near loaded, I made sure to have plenty of room to merge onto the interstate with the Honda. I have yet to pull a heavy load with the Escape but I don't think the interstate merge will be guite as thrilling as it was with the Honda.
I drove from Toronto to Wixom 300 miles both ways, and I loved the ride it 2002 Escape is a nice vehicle.

One thing I hated is the gear selector on the stering column, is right in the way of anyone reaching for the radio from the driver's seat when the car is in Drive.

Not a good thing, I caught my jacket sleeve in the gear selector trying to change the radio channel...

Not a nice thing to have happen at 60 miles an hour.

Erict, that is the one complaint at my house. The main driver of our 02 doesn't like the position of the gear shift or the ignition key.
Other than than it is quite a nice ride, it is nice and peppy,quiet and smooth. Though it is not as smooth as lets say an explorer. We do love it.
Have to agree with yw, the key position takes some getting used to. I have not had that much of a problem with the shift lever being in the way, although it could be repositioned or shortened somewhat. If it were moved to the console you would loose a lot of storage space. I have noticed that I sometimes grab the windshield wiper control when reaching for the shifter.
As I've posted before...

Wife brags about her 02 Escape as much as I do the T-bird.

Drove it last night with about 4 inches of snow and ruts on the road, after that have to say it was the best handling 4 wheel drive I've ever driven. Including trucks and Explorer types. Its lower stance made me a little too brave maybe. I was still driving about 50 to 60 mph.

The shifter is kinda funny. It is about as long as in an F150 and with the smaller width of the car, ends up over the radio. (Only effects things like switching between AM/FM and CD - the lower left control) Really only gripe I can think of.

For the money hands down winner out there. Notice how all the imports are now listing Escape in there compare ads. I have. I actually like the small styling differences in the Mazda model better. But got a much better price on the Ford.
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