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Apr 4, 2002
Well I got the computer on the 800 number to understand my P instead of T but my question is now about the order number. Is it four numbers or could it have a letter? My Dealer tells me my order number is J008 and I an 17 out of 25. Number 14 is in. What do you guys think?

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I don't mean to preach, but the 800 number is for authorized dealership personnel only. If you get an operator, they will not be happy with you because outside calls tie up the dealer's system.

Ford updates the scheduling system on Thur. nights. Call your salesperson on Fri or Sat for any change in status. They are making enough money from your purchase to give you this support each week. When you get a VIN, you can follow the database, that jodrod has so expertly set up, for likely production and delivery dates. Duane

If you spoke a P instead of a T, that means you have a vin and the order number is not necessary. What is your vin? I don't have you listed in the database, at least not as RazzFla.
RedBirdDix- Call 800 number once a week and speaking to a computer is the least Ford could do for us whether we are Dealers or not. I don't think my 30 seconds once a week is tying them up too much. Do you? Really?
RedBirdDlx, I know what you are saying, But a lot of dealers won't do this for their Bird Buyers or anyone else for that matter, if they don't have to. It's too bad that we have to look things up this way but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it yourself. That is the way it is sometimes. I don't mean to upset you with this but sometimes this IS the way it IS.

I have to agree with Gobird. I also see your point but the fact is not all dealers are as caring or concerned as you. In an ideal world the dealers (sales personnel) would do this without asking, like mine did for me, I got weekly updates on Friday, but unfortunately this is not an ideal world. I believe you have been following the board long enough to see some of the horror stories posted.

If all 25000 TBird buyers were to call every week, it would consume 2.1% of the week, at 30 seconds/call. If people call during off hours I really do not believe this will tie up the system.

But with all due respect, I will not post the number here on the board.
I just use the voice system, its quick, I
know the status. If asked the dealership to
do it I would still be waiting.

I'm not using anymore time than if the
salesman was calling for the information
once a week.

The number is in the archives or was.

So does anyone know is it four numbers or can a letter be used also such a J008?
Don't know what the requirements are but mine is four numbers.
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