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4 weeks ago I was number five on the list for Tbirds. I just heard that I am number three now. I ordered the Blue/White with partial accent package. Since most people on this BBS opted for full accent package, I asked the dealer to change to full if it is possible.
Thanks for the input from everyone.

I was hoping for a 2002.5 and the chrome strip on the rear deck.


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hsiegl, Don't feel TOO bad, the same thing happened to us. We were 7 of 12 when I placed the order in Jan. of 01, Somewhere along the line we got moved up to 4 of 12 and no one knows why. If we would have stayed at 7 of 12 we still would not have our Bird. It came in the end if Jan. 02. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth and enjoy it when it comes in.

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