Now have our names on Two birds - MSRP

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We went in today and talked to the salesman
that had called about having a car coming in
without a top. Well we never got to the
point of this subject.

First: When he called had just gotten in a
Yellow/Black/Yellow. Since we weren't
interested they had to offer it to the
next person. Did look the combination today
and it wasn't bad. If that party had declined
we might had gone ahead and taken it.

What they did was change there next hardtop
model to a Blue premium. It is scheduled
for build within the next 2 weeks. So which
dealer gets the Blue in first is the one will
take. This dealer seems like one we can get
along with, No Deposit, just put Mother's
name on the car. The salesman is one
had work with previously at the other dealer
ship and feel can trust him. Boy I haven't
said that in a while.

Birding is getting interesting toward the
end here.

Due to the outcome, I didn't even bring up
the top issue.


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Not open for further replies.