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The wife and I drove our blue bird to visit friends last weekend. Tom and I have known each other since grade school and share similar interests in sports, music and cars (I thought). While the wifes went for a spin, Tom and I watched the Celtics-Nets game. When the wifes returned I thought Tom would be anxious for a ride and I was looking forward to his opinion. By the time I was able to tear him away from the game, he had another basketball game to go to and did not have time for a spin but was able to give the bird a two minute look. So here's the dialog of Tom and I.

Tom - Nice looking car, of course it has been re-painted, right?
DEWbird - What??
Tom - It's not the original paint job, right?
DEWbird - I'm not sure what you're thinking, but this is a 2002 Thunderbird.
Tom - It is?

Hard to imagine that anyone who knows cars and looked closely at the 2002 would mistake the new bird for the 55-57 ones.

Anyone have a similar experience?
Had it happen to me three times already.The last time I told a man in the parking lot of a shopping center that it was a 2002 he turn to his wife and said "it must not be his, my dad had one almost like it when I was growing up", got the biggest kick out of it.
I told a couple teens it was my thunderarri, they "hadn't seen this model yet". I'm sure Gobird and the boys have told many a story to the curious.
I've had one person to ask me when I had my black '56 repainted to the current blue. I really thought he was kidding. Of course, this WAS the same person that saw Amadeus with the hardtop on, then saw him with the verty top down, and asked me if I had 3 of the same car.....
Funny how often that happens. My '57 had a electrical problem and I had already registered it for a show. I took the '02 instead. The younger people knew what it was but some of the older folks were confused. One old timer saw me push the button to open the trunk and commented, he did not think cars came with that "back then". Even when I tried to explain it was a new 2002 car, I could see on his face he was not getting it.

2002 Black/Black/Full Red
1957 Starmist Blue
I've had people insist it's an old bird and they don't believe me when I tell them it's a 2002.

Today while I was in Barnes & Noble, they announced over the PA that a purple Jaguar had it's top down and it was about to rain. They were talking about my blue bird!


VIN #7729, seq. #7505
partial blue premium, no top
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