Not so good news - chrome wheels

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I'm in the process of cleaning the stock wheels that I just removed so that I can store them for the next 15 years and I noticed on the inside of the wheel, the portion between the inner and outer beads, that the chrome is starting to pit. This is definately not a good sign. I suggest that everyone keep a close eye on them.

This is also another reason I opted for the high polish aluminum wheel, it won't peel although it will require more attention to keep polished.

Also, does anyone have any ideas on how to remove the brake dust that has accumulated on the reverse side of the spokes? The rears are not to bad but the fronts will not come clean with dish soap and a good scrubbing. I am hesitant to use an abrasive cleaner.

Edit: changed peel to pit but pitting will lead to peeling. Evidenced on 2 of 4 wheels.


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The day that I picked up my car, my salesman and I noticed that on one of the chrome wheels,near the center cap, the chrome was starting to bubble-up, which would eventually flake off of the wheel and probably spread across the entire wheel. Ford replaced it with a new wheel. I have inspected all of the other wheels and they are fine.
Jodrod....As a building service worker I know cleaners. What I use is a water based cleaner degreaser called Buckeye XL-100. It can be used on any washable surface. There is no flashpoint,no abrasives,phosphates or enzymes and is biodegradable. It can be used in concentrated form or diluted and has endless applications in the garage and the home. Buckeye products are American and can be found in janitorial supply stores. XL-100 is available in a 1 U.S. gallon container. XL-100 spray bottles are also available....And no I don't sell the stuff...just use it!
I've had good luck with Simple Green cleaning up brake dust off the inside of alloy and chrome rims. Spray it on straight and let it soak in for 5-10 minutes. Then brush it well with a scrub brush and hose it off. Repeat the proceedure a couple of times and the brake dust will be gone and it won't hurt the chrome.
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